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White Mulberry Cake

Please note that we do not use fondant. But we would be happy to arrange any figurines or toppers that you might bring in!

We ask for 5 to 7 days notice for cake orders. We fill up quickly, the sooner you get your order in the better! We can make no guarantee of availability.

Basic Cupcakes $33/dozen

Specialty Cupcakes $36/dozen

Gourmet Cupcakes $39/dozen

6” Round Double Layer Basic $28, Specialty $33, Gourmet $38:

                  Feeds at least 8 people


6” Round Triple Layer Basic $35, Specialty $40, Gourmet $45:

                  Feeds at least 10 people


9” Round Double Layer Basic $50, Specialty $58, Gourmet $65

                  Feeds at least 16 people

9” Round Triple Layer Basic $62, Specialty $69, Gourmet $78

                  Feeds 20 people


12” Round Double Layer Basic $98, Specialty $112, Gourmet $125

                  Feeds 36 people


12" Round Triple Layer Basic $125, Specialty $140, Gourmet $155

                  Feeds 50 people


Two Tier: 9" triple layer and 6" triple layer

                  Basic $185, Specialty $200, Gourmet $215

                  Feeds 35 people 


Three Tier: 12" triple layer, 9" triple layer, and 6" triple layer

                  Basic $445, Specialty $470, Gourmet $495

                  Feeds 75 people


Double Layer Quarter Sheet Cake: (9X13)

                  Basic $72, Specialty $82, Gourmet $92

                  Feeds at least 24 people


Double Layer Half Sheet Cake: (12X18)

                 Basic $135, Specialty $150, Gourmet $165

                 Feeds at least 48 people


Single Layer Half Sheet Cake:

$95 and feeds up to 48 people, smaller amount of cake per person than double layer.

*To schedule a cake tasting for a wedding, please give us a call or reach out through Facebook. A $20 fee will be due upon scheduling. If you book your wedding with us and order at least a 2 tier cake, the fee will be applied to your total!


*Number of servings per cake are dependent on how it is cut, White Mulberry would gladly provide serving directions to those serving at your event!


*Base pricing is listed and is subject to change depending on flavor, design and complexity.

*All cakes, fillings, and frostings are made in our bakery from scratch!

*All specialty/gourmet cupcakes have a 1 dozen minimum per order.

*Gluten-less & dairy-less available for some flavors with a 1 dozen minimum.


Cake Options: (any of our cake options can be made Gluten-less!)

Basic Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate

Specialty Flavors: Marble, Red Velvet, Confetti, Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chip, Almond, Coconut

Gourmet Flavors: Carrot (with or without raisins), German Chocolate, Butter Pecan


Basic Frosting Flavors: Swiss Vanilla Buttercream, Swiss Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese Frosting

Specialty Frosting Flavors: Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, Peanut Butter Frosting, Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting, Confetti, Swiss Almond Buttercream


Specialty Fillings: Vanilla or Chocolate Pastry Cream, Raspberry Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, Lemon Curd, Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter Frosting, Caramel, Candied Pecans or Walnuts, Peanut Butter Sauce

Gourmet Fillings: Fresh Fruit



Basic Decorations: Script, Colorful Sprinkles, Pastel Disc Sprinkles, Colorful Nonpareils, White Nonpareils, White Pearls, Seasonal Sprinkles, Edible Glitter in Silver or Gold, Naked Cake

Specialty Decorations: Custom Sprinkles, Chocolate/White Chocolate Decorations, Colored Frosting

Gourmet Decorations: Buttercream Flowers, Fresh Fruit, Gold Leaf, Fresh Flowers 

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