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Larg Cinnamon Rolls $36/dozen

Smaller Cinnamon Rolls $21/dozen

Large Pecan Rolls $39/dozen

Smaller Pecan Rolls $24/dozen

Half-Scones $24/dozen

Muffins $30/dozen

Turnovers $34/dozen

Smaller Turnovers $23/dozen

6” Coffee or Crumb Cake $16

Full Quiche $24


Large $21/dozen

Regular $15/dozen

Minis $6.50/dozen

Specialty cookies priced individually.


Half-Sized $21/dozen


Click here for more information.

6’ double layer round starting at $24 

9” double layer round starting at $45 

9x13” quarter sheet $85

13x18” half sheet $125


Basic starting at $30/dozen 

Specialty starting at $33 / dozen 



Individual $27/dozen

6” round starting at $18

9” round starting at$36

Ideas for your catered event!

 - Individual cheesecakes, customed to fit your taste and event

 - Bite sized bars for guest to try and sample a variety of delectable goodies

 - A rustic and refined table filled with seasonal pies, all baked and designed with an artful eye and sure to please your guests (especially when offered with a scoop of homemade ice cream!)

 - Fancy baked donut assortment. Talk with us about your custom ideas! 

 - Cookies and milk bar. Fill a beautiful display with White Mulberry's wide array of cookies, available in three different sizes. Pair with crisp and cold strawberry, chocolate or white milk. 

 - Custom cupcakes or an assortment of yummy and from scratch layer cakes to fill a dessert buffet. Serve with homemade ice cream from White Mulberry!

- Breakfast pastry table full of cinnamon rolls, pastries, muffins and scones. Offer with hot Intelligentsia coffee, real orange juice, and sparkling waters. 

 - Custom wedding cake or dessert buffet for your special day

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